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Obesity and Diabetes





Short Bowel Syndrome


Core Technology


High Yield Protein Expression & Refolding

HYPER is a technology that integrates high efficiency fermentation and purification processes, producing a large amount of peptides compared to other fusion partners and maximizing the yield in the culture process to produce cells used as initial raw materials at high density within a limited culture medium.

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Development of semaglutide biosimilar

Semaglutide biosimilar

Semaglutide is a diet drug that is effective for a week with a single injection.

It shows a 10~15% weight loss effect when administered consistently, opening a new era in the obesity market.

PEPGENE will provide an easier diet opportunity through semaglutide biosimilar.

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All you need is the protein sequence

Excellent CDO service

We provide CDO service for recombinant peptide and protein production based on over 20 years on over 20 years of R&D experience and technology

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