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PG tag & HYPER

High-efficiency peptide and protein production system based on E. coli.

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Peptide for Great expression tag

PG tag

PG tag is a fusion partner optimized for peptide expression, enabling the production of larger amounts of peptide biopharmaceuticals compared to other fusion partners, and preventing peptide biopharmaceuticals produced through insoluble aggregation from being decomposed by intracellular degradative enzymes

The PG tag has a higher protein production yield than other fusion proteins, and improves production yield by increasing the production of recombinant protein biopharmaceuticals during the culture process

High Yield Peptide Expression and Refolding


HYPER is a technology that can recover target peptide medicines produced by integrating advanced fermentation and separation purification technologies with minimal loss.

In relation to this, PEPGENE confirmed the highly efficient production of a total of 10 types of peptides and proteins, and applied it to the production process development and consignment production of domestic bio companies, producing more than 20 types of peptides and proteins.

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